Be an Advocate for Mothers in Recovery:  What you can do to support mothers and their children.



AAM - Unite - Logo  UNITE to Face Addiction rally at the Washington Mall on Sunday, October 4, 2015. Was a catalyst for unifying organizations at the local, state, and national levels to build a long-term collaborative strategy that will shift attitudes and public policies to address one of the most pressing health issues of our time – substance use addiction, treatment and recovery.  Support the effort now.

Sign the Moms United Bill of Rights  We have the right to be free from the shame and stigma caused by negative labels encumbering out children who suffer from addictive disorders and the parents who raise them.

Moms United to End the War on Drugs, Mission Statement:  Mothers, parents and families are taking a leading position to end the violence, mass incarceration and overdose deaths that are a result of current punitive and discriminatory drug policies. We are building a movement to stop the stigmatization and criminalization of people who use drugs or who are addicted to drugs. We are urgently calling for health-oriented strategies and widespread drug policy reform in order to stop the irresponsible waste of dollars and resources, and the devastating loss of lives and liberty.

A New PATH: Parents for Addiction Treatment & Healing  A New PATH works to reduce the stigma associated with addictive illness through education and compassionate support, and to advocate for therapeutic rather than punitive drug policies.  Does overdose prevention and naloxone trainings.


Host a screening party of On Life’s Terms: Mothers in Recovery for your friends and family and share what you’ve learned.  Encourage the group to think of ways to support teen parents and mothers in recovery in your schools, churches and neighborhoods.   Work with a treatment program, faith-based or recovery support group to host a community screening of the film.  Screen the film for Drug Court Judges and law enforcement training.  Contact to purchase the DVD and Study Guide.


Support childcare for mothers with young children in local recovery support groups.  If you are a practicing, fee-for-service recovery specialist or support practitioner, take on at least one pro bono client a year.  This small contribution can make a big difference.


Provide employment opportunities to local teens, women and men in recovery.  Peer recovery is an important part of recovery support, which helps individuals and families reinforce and strengthen long-term recovery.  Peer recovery support often works in tandem with treatment and mutual aid support and addresses a broad range of recovery needs, strengths, and options.


Make a financial contribution to a non-profit organization that works with pregnant and parenting mothers in recovery.  Donate to the national outreach Be an Advocate for Mothers in Recovery Campaign.

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