Moms Living Clean a documentary-in-progress

Sheila Ganz, filmmaker

Six mothers with addictions on the verge of losing custody of their children enter an innovative substance abuse treatment program in San Rafael, California hoping to turn their lives around.  Filmed over three years the feature documentary Moms Living Clean chronicles the women’s struggles and triumphs through the six month residency and their transition back into the community.
Rachel escaped her abusive boyfriend with her two babies and wants to stop the cycle. Lisa S was in prison for selling drugs hopes to start over.  Leslie charged with online prostitution and drug use, works to rebuild her life after losing custody of her daughter.  Lisa R relapsed and is determined to make it this time.  Krista didn’t think she had a problem.  Julia wants her son to be drug-free. 
Confronting their past is difficult.  Rachel was neglecting her daughter’s needs.  Lisa S vows responsibility for her infant daughter.  Leslie questions why she let men abuse her for money or great make-up sex.  Lisa R was homeless.  Julia realizes how anger had taken over her life.  Krista’s eight-year-old daughter longs for them to be together.
The film interweaves drug laws aimed at pregnant and parenting women with addictions, and the legacy of imprisonment and foster care on their children.
This blog will keep people updated about our progress to complete the film.   It also serves as a forum for Action Alerts on legislation, policies, events and programs concerning pregnant and parenting women with addictions in the US and around the world.  Your thoughtful comments are welcome.   Thank you.